No matter your theme or color scheme, we’ve got the right backdrop for your event. As you can see, we have many colors to choose from. Once we have completed your print design, we will send you a copy with the backdrops that we recommend. If you need something custom for your event, we can certainly accommodate this as well.

Silver Sequins

Gold Sequins.jpg

Gold sequins

Black Sequins.jpg

Black Sequins

White Rosettes.jpg

White Rosettes

Gold Rosettes.jpg

Gold rosettes

Black Petals.jpg

black petals

Gunmetal Gray Sequins.jpg

gunmetal sequins

Rosegold Sequins.jpg

ROSE-GOLD sequins

Peacock Sequins.jpg

Peacock sequins

Royal Blue Rosettes.jpg

Royal blue rosettes

Eggplant Rosettes.jpg

eggplant rosettes

Red Sequins.jpg

red sequins

Red Rosettes.jpg

red rosettes