Insights from a Day-of Coordinator

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Patricia Fulps and I'm the co-founder of A Sweet Memory. We provide a fun photo booth experience for all your guests and we also provide wedding coordinator services for your special event.  I'm also a catering consultant and coordinator for one of the top catering companies in Greater Orange County, Country Garden Caterers

This blog is basically giving you my two-cents about a few things to consider when you are planning you big day! Going forward this blog will not be long, I just want you to get a couple of takeaways.

Wedding Shows and Vendors.

Congratulations on your engagement! Whether you've been engaged 1 year, 6 months or last week, no doubt it's an exciting time for you and your significant other. If you just started planning, you will be going to bridal shows and open houses. You will meet lots of vendors and we will all try to get your information, so we can send you a list of our services and/or specials they have going on.

Here's where tip number one comes in.

Create an email address, specifically for your wedding! this way you don't have to give away your personal day to day email address.  When I created my email address, I then created folders so I can manage the DJ's the caterers, photographers and florist emails... Try it out!

Next tip! Address Labels!

Before you head to a bridal show or open house. Print out address labels with your pertinent information: Name(s) Email Address, Phone number, your wedding date if you have one, and how many guests your expecting. It's a good idea to put down you facility if you have one too, or indicate if you are still looking for one.  Your writing hand will thank you and so will us vendors when we are trying to read your handwriting after you've filled out several requests for information!